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BDD Tutorial Update

Oh, the joys of the open source community! There was once a time when the only testing choices an iOS developer had was Kiwi and Cedar, but thanks to all those developers out there, we now have a some additional choices.

While the code for BDD testing in the previous posts will continue to exist on github, additional testing posts will use a nice framework that I have been using for over a year now called Specta. It’s much more stable and modularized than it’s other testing brethren. Check it out! It’s great!

Since it is moralized, you have the ability to choose your own matchers and mock frameworks. Just as a heads up I will be using Expecta (framework from same peeps) and OCMock (lovely mock/partial mock framework that is battle tested) to finish up some of the more advanced testing techniques going forward.

Cedar, while we’ve had some good times, and we shared some of our young testing love together, I believe that we’ve grown apart. The best decision for both of us is to go our separate ways, maybe, just maybe… we can be friends.